Service Charter


The Planning Department cuts across all the departments/sections/units of the University due to the nature of service provision through the collection of data (from both external and internal sources) and the analysis, production, distribution and presentation of this information for use and planning, decision making and policy formulation. The customer service therefore, is a two-way process hinged on quality service that observes the rule of law, skilled human resource, hard work, transparency, accountability, fairness and timely service deliver. All University departments are customers to one another and Planning Department plays the role of linkage to all of them.It is therefore, important for the department to deliver high level quality service to both internal and external customers.In order to carry out day-to-day business the department depends upon the provisions of information, technical advice, services, resources and other forms of support from colleagues in all the College of the University. The staff in the department is dependent upon in turn to provide such services to colleagues in prompt and professional manner.

To discharge its function effectively, the department shall be guided by its vision and mission.

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