Annual Report - 2012 Planning Division
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The Planning Division is located in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office and is headed by the Registrar Planning.  The Division provides support to the Vice-Chancellor’s office and other related units.  It boasts of taking a leading role in the enhancement of the University’s visibility in community functions and the promotion of the image of the University both locally and internationally.  In conjunction with other departments/units, the Division plays a pivotal role in ensuring successful preparations of annual University of Nairobi graduation ceremonies and regular participation in national agricultural shows.


Updates and Achievements

The Division coordinated and facilitated the following activities of the university during 2012.

  • The 2012 Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF) between October 1, 2012 and October 7 2012 the University was awarded the First Prize in Research and Development Project, The First Prize in the Best Research in the Interpretation of the Show Theme, the First Prize in Best Institution of Higher Learning in Developing and Advanced Technology, Second Prize for the Best University Stand, the Second Prize for the Best Engineering Based Institution of Higher Learning for the year 2012. Other numerous certificates were also awarded in diary and farm produce categories.
  • The 47th and 48th graduation ceremonies held on August 24, 2012 and December 7, 2012 respectively.  A total of 13,116 students graduated in various programmes.
  • The Division managed to develop a department website.


Strategic Issues

The Division liaised with relevant units and compiled information in respect to academic programmes which had either been reviewed or newly developed and incorporated in 2012-2013 University Academic Calendar.

The University of Nairobi brand continued to be sustained through rituals such as the Nairobi International Trade Fair participation in universities exhibitions, prize giving ceremony and graduation ceremonies.

The university image continued to be promoted through local and international publications and events such as Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Yearbook 2012, International Association of Universities (IAU) the Europa World of Learning, and the East African Governments Handbook 2012/2013 publication.



The major challenges the Division faced were financial cutbacks in meeting its obligations such as buying publicity space in the international publications marketing the university and non-observance of deadlines in providing relevant information for various publications the Division processes for publication. 

The staff in the Division during the year under review were as listed here below:

Mr. Wycliffe J. Asilla Ag. Registrar, Planning
Mrs. Trypheana Estambale Senior Assistant Registrar
Ms. Elizabeth A. Nyabul Senior Secretary
Ms. Patricia M. Kitili Statistical Assistant
Ms. Elizabeth N. Wamugunda Graphic Designer/Typesetter
Mr. Evans G. Kagere Office Assistant


Future Projections

The Division hopes that with a review of its budget by the Management it will be possible to market the university locally and internationally by buying publicity space in key and widely circulated publications, participating in many local diverse exhibitions and facilitation to attending international conferences such as ACU – PR – Marketing conferences where the university competes in various categories besides presenting papers.  More staff would be necessary to make the Division more efficient and reduce stress level on the current few staff.