Service Charter
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The Planning Division cuts across all the Departments/Sections/Units of the University due to the nature of service provision through the collection of data (from both external and internal sources) and the analysis, production, distribution and presentation of this information for use and planning, decision making and policy formulation.The customer service therefore, is a two-way process hinged on quality service that observes the rule of law, skilled human resource, hard work, transparency, accountability, fairness and timely service deliver.All University departments are customers to one another and Planning Division plays the role of linkage to all of them.It is therefore, important for the Division to deliver high level quality service to both internal and external customers.In order to carry out day-to-day business the Division depends upon the provisions of information, technical advice, services, resources and other forms of support from colleagues in all the College of the University.The staff in the Division is dependent upon in turn to provide such services to colleagues in prompt and professional manner.

To discharge its function effectively, the Division shall be guided by its Vision and Mission.

Vision Statement

A more vibrant professional entity that oversees the implementation process in the strategic direction of the University.

Mission Statement

To collect data (from external and internal sources) and analyze, produce, distribute and present this information for use in planning, decision making and policy formulation by the University top management.

Service Charter for the Division has been put in place to fulfill a commitment made in the University- wide Service Delivery Charter.It sets out the standards of service that have been adopted by all the staff of the Division of Planning, in the interests of providing a high standard of customer delivery service. The preparation and development of the Charter is a convergence of participatory contributions from all staff in the Division.

Our Core Values

  • Uphold the policy of team work and efficiency.
  • Be creative and innovative.
  • Nurture open and responsible corporate relations.
  • Contribute to a noble image.

Strategic Objectives

In line with the Vision and Mission of the Division the following Strategic Objectives shall be addressed:

  • To document reviewed academic programmes to ensure relevance and applicability.
  • To contribute to the sustainability of the University of Nairobi brand.
  • To enhance the University’s visibility in community functions.
  • To promote the image of the University both locally and internationally through publications and events.

Quality Objectives

Pursuant to the strategic objectives the following quality objective shall guide our service delivery.

  • To review and typeset the University of Nairobi Academic Calendar annually.
  • To produce the University Academic Calendar with 99% error free.
  • To coordinate activities that enhances University visibility through graduation ceremonies and provision of material for international publications.

General Service Delivery Standards

Our standards shall include:

  • Timeliness;
  • Courtesy;
  • Professionalism;
  • Accountability
  • Integrity, and
  • Consultation with the customer.

Commitments to Service Delivery

In our Service Charter the Division shall commit to undertake the following:

  • Successfully co-ordinate the Nairobi International Trade Fair (ASK Show) activities.
  • Prepare graduation materials i.e. Booklets, invitation cards and labels.
  • Prepare University Academic Calendar
  • Prepare University Almanac.
  • Prepare material for International Publications such as

          -  Association of Commonwealth Universities

          -  Europa World of Learning

          -  International Handbook of Universities.

  • Team player in the Universities Exhibitions.

Interpersonal Relations at Workplace

  • We shall treat our colleagues and clients as we would like them to treat us.  Our dealings with one another shall be marked by courtesy; professionalism; friendliness, mutual respect, approachability and teamwork.  The aim shall be to perpetuate a workplace culture based on inclusiveness, participatory, openness, dignity, respect and duty of care.
  • We shall each acknowledge the contribution, input and views of people who work with us.
  • Our workplace culture shall have regard to a fair application of internal rules and procedures, the requirements of the work and the needs for equitable sharing of rights and responsibilities.
  • We are committed to the best practice in relations to all UON/QMS internal processes and procedures.

Ethical and Equitable Service

  • We shall each promote a culture of respect for diversity among all our customers.
  • We shall each promote a culture of respect for diversity among all our colleagues in the workplace.

Learning and Personal Development in the Division

Training and development opportunities are available to enable staff to deliver on the Department’s objectives in a professional manner.Towards this end the Division shall encourage its staff to take advantage of the opportunities made available by the University through the Staff Development Support Fund (SDSF);

We shall continue to contribute and support the development of strategies geared towards the facilitation of succession planning as one of the crucial component in the University HR issues.